Best Methods For Back Pain Relief

Common Effective Methods Include:

1.Limit bed rest – get moving as quickly as possible is key to relieve pain.

2. Simple exercise as such as daily walking is an effective way to relieve back pain.

3. Maintain good posture and strengthen your core. One can experience back pain relief just by working out to maintain a good posture with right curvature in the body as well as by having strong abdominal muscles.

4. Improve flexibility and reduce muscular tension and stiffness through proper exercise progress coordinated by a trained spine specialist.

5. Application of ice/heat: one of the simplest effective way to get back pain relief, usually the normal patient will be able to apply ice in the first 48-72 hours after the injury and then switch to moist heat applications.

6. Consult a specialist if pain continues despite practicing the methods above. You will need to see a Physiatrist/Orthopedic Surgeon/Physical Therapist/Chiropractor. Doctors that specialize in back pain.

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Orthopedic Doctor Dr. Rahman is a fellowship trained, practicing Physiatrist and Pain Management specialist and partner at Westchester Sport and Spine. Dr. Rahman has subspecialty training in Musculoskeletal and Interventional Pain Medicine and focuses on conservative, non-invasive treatments for most conditions.