Dr. Weinstein Featured in The Arena’s Health Blog

Dr. Weinstein spends much of his time outside of Westchester Sport and Spine staying active and helping athletes along the way. He frequently writes pieces that focus on health and fitness education to support a more active community. This month, he was featured in a blog for The Arena Fitness.

Creating goals and sticking to them is a vital aspect of personal fitness. One of the best ways to keep your body in great shape for longer is to work out regularly. While this is an easy goal to set, and it’s one most of us use as our New Year’s Resolution, many people fall off the wagon.

In this blog, Dr. Weinstein discusses how creating a regular schedule for your exercise can be a fantastic way to track your progress and success. Working at least a week in advance, you can begin to look forward to your workouts rather than hoping that you’ll make it to the gym at some point over the weekend.

Whether you enjoy weightlifting, boxing, running, swimming, or pilates, add it to your regular schedule! The same way you get to work on a schedule, you can begin to treat your workouts like an appointment that you have to be on time to.

Building your workouts into your schedule is also a great way to maintain your motivation. Instead of falling off the wagon after a few weeks, you may find yourself hitting fitness goals faster once working out is a part of your set schedule.

Learn more about how Dr. Weinstein recommends tracking your fitness success in this blog.

Dr. Rick Weinstein, MD, MBA is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine. He is the Director of Orthopedic Surgery at Westchester Sport and Spine and has subspecialty training in knee and shoulder surgery, including minimally invasive surgery and arthroscopy. Dr. Weinstein is a Board Examiner for the American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons, determining certification for other orthopedic surgeons.