Easy Steps to Reduce Lower Back Pain From Sitting

“Sitting is the new Smoking” – This is just a simple analogy but it actually implicates that prolonged sitting can be harmful, even if you are otherwise healthy.

There are our curves along our spinal column. It gives a ‘S’ shape. One with a good posture pretty much maintain this shape.

But if one is in a job such as desk job where one has to sit on a chair long period of the day, or someone who watches TV for hours per day may find it hard to maintain this optimum posture/shape of the spine and will suffer from low back pain.

Why is Lower Back Pain Caused By Sitting?

Suppose one sits on the chair at office for hours. Back muscles tighten which leads to abnormal joint mechanics. Besides one may twist, moves, hunch over the desk making it even worse.

Force of the upper body transfers to the lower back in the lumbar area resulting in low back discomfort.

Steps to Reduce Lower Back Pain From Sitting

So what we do?  Quit your job? – not a logical solution.

A very basic step will be to use a chair which will ensure posture optimum for back.

Your chair has to be good enough so that it itself share your body weight load along with your spine while sitting.

It is important that you have a stable chair and maintains the following:

  • Feet reaching the floor
  • Sit completely against the back of the chair
  • Hips should be at the level of your knees

Besides changing position more frequently is also helpful when recovering from a lower back condition.

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Orthopedic Doctor Dr. Rahman is a fellowship trained, practicing Physiatrist and Pain Management specialist and partner at Westchester Sport and Spine. Dr. Rahman has subspecialty training in Musculoskeletal and Interventional Pain Medicine and focuses on conservative, non-invasive treatments for most conditions.