Physician compares Ronda’s blow to ‘a hammer to the head’

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Physician Interviewed: Rick Weinstein, MD

Dr Weinstein, who specialises as a ringside boxing physician as opposed to treating athletes in MMA or UFC, said doctors often compared blows to the head with “a car accident or a hammer to the head”.


Ronda Rousey Is Officially Out of Action Thanks to Holly Holm’s Epic Beatdown


Physician Interviewed: Rick Weinstein, MD

Former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey might be out of the octogon for up to six months due to a medical suspension handed down by the UFC in the aftermath of her defeat at the hands (or feet, rather) of Holly Holm.


FOR THE RECORD; Fight Doctor Battles Injuries, Skeptics

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Physician Interviewed: Rick Weinstein, MD

Being splattered by sweat and blood in the shadow of fighters is a long way from the genteel practice of medicine in Westchester, but from professional ringsides to the rotator cuffs of locals, Dr. Richard N. Weinstein bridges the two worlds.


Dr. Rick Weinstein to sit ringside for Wladimir Klitschko – Bryant Jennings as team physician

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Physician Interviewed: Rick Weinstein, MD

Klitschko also known as Dr. Steelhammer is the long-time Heavyweight Champion Of The World and at 6′ 6 and almost 250 pounds the amount of force behind one of his punches can create a much higher risk of severe injury than what normally occurs,” said Dr. Weinstein.


Tell Us What You Do, Ringside Physician Dr. Rick Weinstein

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Physician Interviewed: Rick Weinstein, MD

In the Klitschko/Jennings fight I worked, I was dealing with 2 tremendous boxers. These heavyweights have tremendous power and can really hurt each other… the fight can change in a single punch.