Several Simple Tips for Relief of Hip Pain

Hip pain is very common in both active and non-active people. I often see it in runners and weekend warriors. However, it is also occurs in people who have no direct injury and the pain can come from just getting up from sitting or lying on the hip.

Treating Hip Pain

If your hip is hurting, apply ice to the area that hurts for 20 minutes. Be careful not to freeze the skin. If your hip pain is severe or you can’t walk on your leg, get to an orthopedic doctor immediately. If the pain persists more than 2-3 days, then apply hot compresses or a heating pad.

How to Prevent Hip Pain

One of the keys to treating and preventing hip pain is stretching. One of the big muscles to be stretched for hip pain is the hip flexor – the quadriceps muscle. This is best stretched by lying on your stomach and bringing your foot up to your bottom. Another important stretch for hip pain is the groin or adductor muscles which is done with a butterfly stretch; sit, put the bottom of your feet together and pull them toward your groin while pushing your knees down toward the floor.

Reasons for Hip Pain

If you have limited motion of your hip and pain, you may have arthritis . The only way to know if it really is arthritis is with an x-ray. See your orthopedic specialist to get checked. Relief of hip pain from arthritis is also with stretching but exercise such as walking, exercises bike or elliptical helps most people.

Another common cause of hip pain is trochanteric bursitis. This is irritation and inflammation on the outside part of the hip. Usually it is due to tightness in the iliotibial (IT) band and it’s common in runners. Although it is painful, a foam roller works well to stretch the IT band. Stretching before running and icing afterwards will help tremendously.

Will I need Surgery?

Rarely is surgery needed for hip problems. Sometimes x-rays and MRIs are needed. A cortisone injection can provide tremendous relief for bursitis and tendonitis. I use ultrasound to place my injections in the exact right location and the vast majority of patients have relief from hip pain after the shot. I am a big believer in physical therapy but this will only work if you get the right diagnosis and right therapy.

Hip pain is usually relieved with stretching, ice or heat and sometimes an injection and therapy. If the pain is severe, see a Westchester orthopedic specialist who regularly treats hip pain.

Dr. Rick Weinstein, MD, MBA is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine. He is the Director of Orthopedic Surgery at Westchester Sport and Spine and has subspecialty training in knee and shoulder surgery, including minimally invasive surgery and arthroscopy. Dr. Weinstein is a Board Examiner for the American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons, determining certification for other orthopedic surgeons.