Why do I have hip pain after sitting?

Many patients with hip pain who come to the office describe their pain when they are in a seated position, or when they get up from sitting.  The main reason for pain while sitting is not the act of sitting itself. It has to do completely with the position the hip joint is in while in the seated position.

When Seated, the hip joint is flexed. Flexion can also be known as bending. The opposite of flexion is extension. Extension is the position the hip is in when you stand. Many causes of hip pain can manifest themselves in a high flexion position.

The top reasons you have hip pain after or while sitting

  1. Arthritis

    Hip arthritis is the loss of cartilage or the smooth surface of the joint that helps it glide through a range of motion. Joints with arthritis can become stiff after prolonged periods of immobilization. People with arthritis in their hips will report experiencing pain in the hip after the sit for long periods of time. However most patients report some relief of the pain as they begin to walk.

  2. Hip Labrum injuries

    The hip labrum is a rim of cartilage that lines the socket part of the hip joint call the acetabulum. The hip labrum functions to deepen the socket and to create a type of suction cup force on the joint keeping it stable. When the labrum is injured it can be pinched between the ball part of the joint which is the femoral head, and the socket part, or the acetabulum. This occurs with high flexion. This can also occur with Femoral-Acetabular Impingement (FAI).

  3. Femoral-Acetabular Impingement

    FAI occurs due the morphology of ones hips. It is due to either too much bone or less spherical femoral head on the femoral side, or too much bone or hip sockets that face backward (called retroversion). People with FAI have loss of motion, which is especially in flexion, which is the seated position.

If you’re experiencing hip pain, schedule an appointment with the orthopedic surgeons at Westchester Sport and Spine today by calling 914-358-9700.

Dr. Michael Gott is a Westchester orthopedic surgeon who is fellowship trained in sports medicine. He has also been an active member of the National Ski Patrol as well as a Member of the Windham Mountain Ski Patrol for 18 years.

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